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sudoku score
Millsberry Sudoku Trophy?

Is it possible to get the Sudoku trophy if you use the cheat like when you click on the hint button 2 seconds after you finish? Because i got over 1,000 that way but it still says my high score is like 605 and I didn’t get a trophy? Do you actually have to get it the real way or should it give it to me with the cheat?
Ok thanx, also, i just got a score of 458 on solver and it didn’t give me the trophy, itsn’ the score for it 443?


Millsberry Sudoku Glitch

Sudoku - Multi Game Pack Versi

Sudoku – Multi Game Pack Versi


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High Speed 2x2 Puzzle Cube (Tanbi Puzzles RC110) Mini Stickerless (2 by 2)

High Speed 2×2 Puzzle Cube (Tanbi Puzzles RC110) Mini Stickerless (2 by 2)


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Lando Cubes 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Lando Cubes 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


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