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Community Calendar Deadline for calendar items is two weeks before desired publication date. Send information to clubs, lectures, community events, religious events, reunions, support groups and singles to: Community Calendar, Pioneer Press, 3701 W. Lake Ave, Glenview IL 60026, fax (847) 486-7451 or by e-mail to glenview@pioneerlocal.com ..
GAriGrid Sudoku for Pro Plus consoles and mobile phones Tutorial by Gary Herberger (1/2)

Brainiac Bundle #4 for Nintendo DS

Brainiac Bundle #4 for Nintendo DS


Get a Brand New and individually boxed Ultimate Card Games. Get a Brand New and individually boxed Solitaire Overload Plus. Save $10 when you purchase the two products bundled together!…

Sudoku Unlimited + Crossword Addict 2CD Set

Sudoku Unlimited + Crossword Addict 2CD Set


An addicting puzzle phenomenon ever!Product InformationSudoku is the fascinating new puzzle that is taking the world by storm!Millions of people buy newspapers for the daily Sudoku puzzle a new addictiveritual as necessary a routine as that morning jolt of coffee!  Thisprogram is chocked full of 400 Sudoku puzzles – more than a year’s worth ofnewspaper puzzles – which will challenge diehard S…

Ultimate Sudoku: The Emperor's Challenge (Jewel Case)

Ultimate Sudoku: The Emperor’s Challenge (Jewel Case)


Play an unlimited number of puzzles!Product Information Let Wisdom Be Your Guide as You Take on the Emperor’s Challenge.  Formany centuries the Emperor’s subjects proved their worthiness and intellectsolving Sudoku puzzles. Now you too can let your wisdom logic and patienceguide you in solving the trickiest puzzles ever. You need not be a math genius.You need only love the ch…

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