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ps1 games? i just got a psp…?

i’m wondering of some games you can recommend. i already have clue, risk, battleship, sonic, advance wars, dr. mario, sudoku, DDR, super mario and a bunch of other mario games, jeopardy, tetris, mahjongg, a gameboy emulator, pokemon (when i’m really bored), scrabble, anti-tetris and jelly car.
any suggestions?
we normally go to a place called “romulations” or something and load games, but they have thousands of games and i don’t want to sift through all that when i could be possibly passing through good ones that i don’t know of.
they have a kingdom hearts thing but i’m not sure it will be the same. i’m not too much into shoot em up games.
ok what i meant about kingdom hearts was, i wasn’t sure if the psp version would be the same as the ps1 game. i heard it was different.
and then i went on to say i don’t like shoot em up games. i wasn’t calling kingdom hearts a shoot em up game. i’ve played it before. and thanks for your “recommendations.”

ITS NOT A SHOOT EM UP GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like the COOLEST GAME IN THE WORLD just try it you wont be dissapointed if you are blame me.

Google Goggles für das iPhone

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