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ps1 games? i just got a psp…?

i’m wondering of some games you can recommend. i already have clue, risk, battleship, sonic, advance wars, dr. mario, sudoku, DDR, super mario and a bunch of other mario games, jeopardy, tetris, mahjongg, a gameboy emulator, pokemon (when i’m really bored), scrabble, anti-tetris and jelly car.
any suggestions?
we normally go to a place called “romulations” or something and load games, but they have thousands of games and i don’t want to sift through all that when i could be possibly passing through good ones that i don’t know of.
they have a kingdom hearts thing but i’m not sure it will be the same. i’m not too much into shoot em up games.
ok what i meant about kingdom hearts was, i wasn’t sure if the psp version would be the same as the ps1 game. i heard it was different.
and then i went on to say i don’t like shoot em up games. i wasn’t calling kingdom hearts a shoot em up game. i’ve played it before. and thanks for your “recommendations.”

ITS NOT A SHOOT EM UP GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like the COOLEST GAME IN THE WORLD just try it you wont be dissapointed if you are blame me.

Google Goggles für das iPhone

The Mammoth Book of Sudoku & Kakuro

The Mammoth Book of Sudoku & Kakuro


Book by Chisholm, Alastair…

The Addict's Guide to Everything Sudoku

The Addict’s Guide to Everything Sudoku


An entertaining and gifty impulse-buy stocking stuffer for the millions of people obsessed with sudoku. An eclectic and energy-filled mix of information will be packed into the book-from Sudoku tips and classic number combinations to details about celebrity addicts and heated Sudoku competitions….

The Sudoku Challenge: 200 Puzzles to Strain Your Brain! by Nikoli (February 28, 2006) Paperback

The Sudoku Challenge: 200 Puzzles to Strain Your Brain! by Nikoli (February 28, 2006) Paperback


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